Public Education Workshop #2-Dr. John Marton

This past Saturday the Coastal Waters Consortium and LUMCON hosted their second public education workshop. Our featured scientist was the distinguished Dr. John Marton. His talk focused on coastal wetlands formation, function and susceptibility. His talk allowed the attendees to further understand the classification of wetlands as one of them noted, “Dr. Marton’s lecture broadened my knowledge on Louisiana’s wetlands.” Dr. Marton’s main work is in biogeochemistry and he serves as the post-doctoral research fellow in the Roberts Lab located at LUMCON’s De Felice Marine Center. His eagerness to teach others about his work led participants to his lab where he prepared some samples for testing. “It was a great opportunity to come inside his lab and see him run some tests” said one of our participants. Dr. Marton is eager to give another public education talk this coming year!

Aside from learning from a great scientist, attendees also had the great opportunity to tour the R/V Pelican, our UNOLS vessel for the Gulf of Mexico. It was a great experience for participants as our R/V Pelican is offshore conducting research most of the time. Captain Max Wike led the tour that included the resources inside the vessel as well as the second floor that allows scientists to be overboard and enjoy the scenery. The R/V Pelican was not the only research vessel participants were able to enjoy as the heavy winds did not allow us to paddle we took them overboard on the R/V Acadiana, other research vessel. This trip allowed us to see some of the sites Dr. Marton discussed in his talk and observe some of the plants and trees are found in throughout our marshes.

As we continue to host these public education workshops we hope to be able to expand our outreach efforts. We had an outstanding 23 participants this past weekend and hope to continue to expand as we outreach to other communities among the region.

We want to thank Dr. Marton for giving an amazing talk as well as the Environmental Writer for the Houma Courier, Xerxes Wilson for adverting our event. Also our participants who attended as well as our CWC Marine Educators, Murt Conover and Jessica Hernandez.

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